What We Do…

We use Advanced Machinery diagnostic tools to ensure assets perform at design capacity and ensure asset integrity reliability and efficiency. Precision and Safety are key. We use RDI Technologies Patented revolutionary Motion Amplification video-processing product and software package to detect subtle motion and amplify the motion to a level visible to the naked eye. We see and utilize every pixel as a sensor, creating millions of data points in an instant, measuring vibration / motion with high levels of accuracy. Most importantly, we provide customers with reports of both the spectral wave form and annotated MP4 videos enabling the customer to effectively visualize what’s going on with the target equipment / piping.


We utilize RDI's patented technology to measure deflection, displacement, movement and vibration of entire field of view – rotating equipment, process / interconnect piping…Accoustic induced pipe movement, transient load pipeline reaction, effectiveness of pipe support and vibration dampening. Precision alignment, Flow induced vibration and machinery foundation and soft feet. 



Our capabilities…


  • Rotating Equipment vibration analysis through motion amplification
  • Pipe movement (swing) analysis
  • ODS Substitute
  • Pipe support (hangers) support adequacy analysis
  • Crane boom deflection analysis
  • Machinery Foundation issues
  • Structural vibration / Deflection motion amplification and analysis
  • Process Gas and liquid leaks detection
  • Dynamic Alignment analysis
  • New installation bench marking and acceptance

Visualization is key to determining faults in machinery and fixed infrastructure integrity. Asset integrity problems are difficult to visualize from numbers and analysis from tools like accelerometers, strain gauges or modeling software. We provide the spectral (signature) data as well as the video (visualization) using the RDI patented motion amplification package.


RDI Technologies flagship product, the Iris M, allows us to isolate individual frequencies in the Motion Amplified video data. 

Combination of filters is applied to isolate frequencies like resonance, flow induced vibration and other equipment influences to narrow down to the actual cause of vibration.



Do not accept a new Rotating Equipment installation without consulting us. We'd save you future head aches