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Compressed Gas Cylinder Hydrostatic Recertification

- Hydrostatic Pressure Testing and compressed gas Cylinder requalification to DOT Specification - DOT Lic No. N188

Motion Amplification Vibration Analysis

GlobeSpace uses the RDI Technologies Inc. patented motion amplification vibration analysis technology and tools to perform vibration data acquisition and analysis. This technology is very well suited for structural vibration analysis - E.g. Pipe clamp adequacy determination.

Gaseous and Liquid Nitrogen and Oxygen

GlobeSpace produces High Purity Oxygen and Nitrogen Gases by Air Separation Technology and we fill compressed Gas Cylinders up to 200barg (3000Psig)


Liquid Nitrogen and Oxygen

Cryogenic Liquid Oxygen and Nitrogen in vacuum insulated tanks. Road/Offshore suitable Tanks are available for rental

O&M Technician Technical Training

GlobeSpace Trains O&M on: Gas Turbines, Compressors, Pumps, Diesel engines, Structural Vibration analysis using motion amplification technology. Gas and Air Compressors We can also audit (and help set up) your maintenance workshop and procedures.

Gas Turbines Obsolete Spares

Looking for Solar Turbines Inc. gas Turbines obsolete Spares? Our in-house Solar Turbines Inc. Certified Rotating Equipment Specialist can help you source any parts from anywhere in the world.

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- O&M Technical Training

- Gas Turbines Fire System Upgrades

- OEM and After Market Spares

- Maintenance Processes and Procedures Audit

- Root Cause of Failure Analysis

- Customer Rep at Rotating Machinery FAT and SAT

- Rotating equipment reliability / Condition monitoring